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Auto Body Collision and Interior, 1491 Jerome Ave, Bronx NY

Dario Peguero, 53-years-old, sews car upholstery at Auto Body Collision and Interior at 1491 Jerome Avenue. Originally from the Dominican Republic, he immigrated to the Bronx 20 years ago. “I knew I had a job here before I left D.R. because my brother worked on Jerome and I came to help him out,” he said.

“I am Dominican. I came here 20 years ago when I started working on Jerome. I was in this area since I was 25 years old. Since 1995 i was here working. I came to work on auto interiors and upholstery with my brother at (1491 Jerome Avennue). I didnt work anywhere else. Work here is good. It has helped me to survive. We work hard to resolve the issues with bill payments, help the family, and do other things. I knew I had a job here before I left D.R. becuase my brother worked on Jerome and I came to help him out. Besides my brother and I, the rest of my family is in Santo Domingo. We help each other out. We are so used to working here. I dont know what else I would do or where I would find work. Here is where I have all my connections for the last 20 years. We all know each other pretty well. I live nearby so I dont have to spend any money on gas or insurance. I remeber my arrivals, the snow storms, the years of working with upholstery. I work from 9am and get out around 11am. Working to see what oppurtunities come across. Theres a lot of people who work here. There are 15 employees who work here. thats a lot of families here and in D.R. who could potenitally lose the help they need. It’s not easy but what can you do. We have to start preparing for the changes that are going to happen. is there a place we can look to for answers?”

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