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© David “Dee” Delgado and Michael Kamber

Eddie Borraro

Riverside Beer and Soda Distributors, 2100 Jerome Ave, Bronx NY

Eddie Borraro, the owner of Riverside Beer and Soda Distributors located at 2100 Jerome Avenue.

“When I was a kid, my uncle and my dad started in this business and we were in the Upper East Side. And it was already a good neighborhood but then as the years went on it turned into what it is now. I mean if you go to 90th Street and 1st and 2nd Avenue that’s prime Manhattan. So we were forced out by rent. Long story short we were able to stay in the East side from the early seventies up to 1990 and unfortunately were were forced out because of the rent. It just turns into a different place! My uncle who owns this particular building here, he foresaw that and he went out and bought this building that we’re in right now. This was a shell when he bought it.”

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