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Tessie Polygerinos

Munchtime Diner, 21 E. 170th St, Bronx NY

Tessie Polygerinos at Munchtime Diner on 170th St. between Jerome Ave & Townsend Ave. Her husband, Laki, has owned the diner since the 1960s. Munchtime has been serving Bronx residents for over 60 years.

“I have always been back and forth from the Bronx and Manhattan. I grew up on Dyckman street and my husband is from the Bronx. I have been working in the store for 8 months now helping out at lunch time. The diner has been here for over 60 plus years. It was open seven days a week 24 hours a day. Twenty four seven as they say. We were the only diner in the neighborhood. And we provided fast helpful service to the customers. The customers come from all over, from Manhattan to Yonkers. They come for the gyro and the sauce. The customers keep coming back even if you make a mistake because the service is fast and good. (There are) 10 employees.

The neighborhood has changed. I’m not saying it’s bad, it has just changed. The neighborhood has changed over the years due to the economy, lack of jobs, store closings, but still people come back. They come back for the fast, helpful service. They also come back to visit family and friends. There is a program to revitalize the neighbourhood and politicians must listen to what the people want. So the neighborhood is coming back.”

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