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Angelica Camacho

1 E. 170th St, Bronx NY

Angelica Camacho, originally from Mexico, works as an Icee vendor on 170th and Jerome Avenue during the summer. She’s been in the Bronx for 25 years.

“I’m a street vendor. I sell ices, flowers, I work in factories in the winter. It’s in the summer that I’m a street vendor. I do what I enjoy doing. I’ve helped my family get ahead. I don’t work with anybody. A year ago, I worked in a factory, but I’ve worked as a street vendor for 25 years. I couldn’t stand the cold, so I worked in a factory. I made cookies in Davis Cookies. The work wasn’t that good because I would work 12 hours there. I would work from 6 in the afternoon until 5:30 in the morning. It wasn’t that good – not at all. In the future, I’d like for things to improve a bit – particularly economically – to make a better future for my grandchildren. I have five grandchildren [in the United States]. I don’t work all day. In one day I’ll work a few hours. I’ll start at noon or 2 in the afternoon. I don’t have a schedule; I’m my own boss. I decide if I want to work or not. Here no one orders me around. Before on a good day, I would make $300, but not anymore. Because the economy is bad, I’ll make $130, $150, $200 at most. I don’t make those kind of sales anymore.”

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