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1277 Jerome Ave, Bronx NY

Ramona, 54-years-old, has worked in Jerome since 1990. She has been the owner of YC & L Auto Repair for nine years.

“Working as a woman here has had a huge impact on clients and the neighborhood. many feel I am very competitive because I am a women. My ex husband had a large client base. To be woman, I am more flexible, I have less of hard of a face, I have a nice smile. A lot of men do not know how to smile. Nice treatment. A nice coffee, come and sit down. I know how to keep my place clean and organized. That gets you attention for a lot of customers. I am very proud and not uncomfortable I want to demonstrate the world how woman can do it! I feel proud because I know how to runs a business because I don’t have to depend on a man because I know how to do what a man does and I know how to do what a woman does. I have kids and I don’t have to call anyone to cook me food or fix a bed. When I don’t know things from a man’s perspective I can always call my husband for advice. He is a good mechanic and can represent me.”

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