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Valencia Bakery, 1997 Jerome Ave, Bronx NY

Makilsi Rodriguez at the Valencia Bakery located on 1997 Jerome Avenue. She has been working as a sales clerk and decorator for over ten years.

“I studied studio art and media studies, so any kind of art, painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, silkscreen, I’ve done everything. I’m a very creative person. I like to make things and be hands on so this job I get to do all those things. Not just making sales but I get to decorate. Being able to make something, give it to a customer, and see them become happy about it. It’s a good feeling inside, like I did something , I created something that’s being appreciated.

Our business has been open since 1947, and the people who live around here, we’ve become a very well known bakery for our community and they continue to come and order our cakes. I feel like it will affect the community. They feel at home here. They’re used to familiar faces and familiar products, they feel comfortable coming to us. It’s like a tradition. We’re very known locally.”

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